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Avoiding IRMAA - Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount

Taxation and healthcare costs are the largest expenses that you will face when it comes to your retirement money. With most financial advisors only focusing upon the growth of the assets that they manage, a larger pile of money, the better the retirement, right? Federal taxes, and IRMAA (Income Related monthly Adjustment Amount), changes the game, and definition of how we plan for retirement income, and healthcare costs. We at the Nest Egg Strategies Group believe that the amount of money that you can actually spend, is more important than the amount listed on your quarterly statement. After all, if you received a tax deduction at the lowest historical tax brackets of our modern times, you've borrowed money from the government, and they want it back. When they get it back, they'll get it back on their terms, and their rules to define your success. With a 33+ trillion-dollar debt, and an almost equal amount in every qualified retirement plan in America, do you think the government is going to come after those dollars next? What about your social security that you paid into your entire working life? What if the government takes it away from you? Do you want to legally protect what's yours? You can. Do you want to know how? Click Learn More for an assessment. 

The TSR Ratio™

With the expertise of certified fraud examiner and forensic accountant Tom Gober, we have learned of a potential looming life insurance crisis that could negatively impact retirees, wealthy families - even large pension funds. If you're a person with annuities, or large life insurance policies, you may be surprised to learn that certain A rated insurers are operating on a razor thin margin between solvency and insolvency. To point out how serious this is, here's a quote from prominent estate planning attorney Zach Hesselbaum, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation) Chicago, Illinois:

"As a tax lawyer focused on estate planning, the emphasis has to be on the carrier keeping their promise. Too often advisors recommend product(s) solely on the pricing they're receiving through their broker. Our firm policy is simple: if the TSR Ratio™ is over 400 percent, we will not permit the product into the trust without the client and advisor signing an excessive counterparty risk waiver."

Since we specialize in helping clients and their families keep money in their family, we thoroughly investigate the companies that we work with, so that we can solve problems, not become a new one. If you own annuities or large life insurance policies, contact us for a TSR Ratio™ review.

Here's a look at what we take very seriously: Risky Business | 100Reporters

Secure Retirement Income 

The greatest secret in the financial planning process happens to fit a quote by billionaire investor Warren Buffet, who says: "The first rule of an investment is don't lose money. The second rule, is to never forget about rule #1." Secure Retirement Income is designed to teach the incredible change, mathematically, from the accumulation phase of building retirement assets, to the distribution phase of taking retirement income. Most clients who've rolled over their 401(k)'s, IRA's, or other plans, have been gaging their success or failure for their entire working career, based upon the average rate of return they've achieved. In retirement, the sequence of your actual returns will define your financial success or failure. If you happen to be concerned about the possibility of outliving your retirement savings, click to learn more to schedule a consultation.

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What's Important To You?

      Financial Freedom Acronym:

  • F-Family Income
  • R-Reducing TAXES, and IRMAA brackets
  • E-Estate Planning
  • D-Debt Elimination
  • O-Offsetting Large Capital Gains
  • M-Mortgage Income