About Walter


Walter D. Witherell II

President and Founder

High Tech Strategies. Down To Earth Simplicity.


"I'm amazed! I saved a lot but was losing lots. My high and mighty financial planner sucked the life out of me. So, Walter has helped me stop losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that alone has helped me live great, with no worry. Now I can spend quality time and money with my grandkids. I couldn't be happier!"

Barbara, retired NP


Walter lives near the coast, in Galveston County, Texas, with his wife, daughter, and three dogs- who love Texas Barbeque, and swimming at the beach. Walter has three grown sons who are successful in their careers, living tremendous lives. In his rare spare time, Walter writes books about finance, forensics, and freedom.


"After a vast experience in public services, I worked on the inside of a major Wall Street 'wire house' securities firm. Very simply, I saw "the writing on the wall," that Wall Street doesn't want you to see... Nineteen years later, experience has been a good teacher, as I've ultimately learned that What I do, isn't nearly as important as Why I do what I do. Therefore, those of us who remember what's left of "The American Dream," usually think of it as being financially independent, with large account balance statements, and I've got news for you. What's on your statement, and what you can actually spend might shock you, because I've seen how destructive forever losses to taxes, fees, and compound interest can be, not just for me personally, but additionally, my family as a youngster. In fact, it changed the outcome of my life... I didn't inherit the American Dream. But, because I wanted to do something about it, I went into business to help others understand what the rules of the game are, so that they can play it to their advantage. And now, more than ever, I firmly believe, as I’ve seen firsthand, the evidence that avoidable losses to taxes, fees, IRMAA brackets, and compound interest are holding us back. I just don't want it to hold you back too. That's why I do what I do."