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AVOIDING IRMAA IN RETIREMENT (IRMAA- Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount)

Are you in the crosshairs of IRMAA? Call us! Are you one of the millions of Americans who have lost part, maybe half, or even all of your social security, while at the same time, you're paying taxes on the amount that YOU'RE NO LONGER RECEIVING? Call us! We're trained to help you. We specialize in avoiding IRMAA, so that your retirement isn't wrecked by government wealth redistribution.


We do this by using the laws and tax codes to your fullest advantage, combined with superior companies, and tremendous strategies.

Why We Do It

"I grew up, seeing and experiencing the results of poverty. After many life experiences in public service, I received the rare opportunity to work inside of a major Wall Street firm. But rather than seeing people being helped, I saw a system helping itself, of course, off the backs of the people. Simultaneously, I witnessed professional advisors not even knowing the implications of their own recommendations! It's really pretty simple. People want to know the truth, and the implications of those truths, before they make decisions, so that they can get what they want, not what Wall Street wants."  Walter

What We Do

The Nest Egg Strategies Group believes in preparing for you, proven strategies, so that you can live a wealthy, purpose-driven life. We believe in turning the tables on wealth redistribution (IRMAA), taxes, fees, and compound interest, getting wealth working for you, not against you. We believe in using the rules to your maximum advantage, solving problems that so many advisors can't even spell, no less help you with. When we solve problems and preserve wealth, our clients are afforded time. Better, higher quality time, which is a precious commodity that we can never buy back...


Who We Are

The Nest Egg Strategies Group is led by Walter Witherell, an independent Financial Strategist. Walter, and his network, believes in developing, and implementing wealth and income strategies for high-net-worth families, retirees, business owners, and non-profit organizations. With a previous background as a law enforcement administrator, and investigator, Walter uses his experiences and abilities to "sniff out" today's financial nonsense, that the wealthiest, most successful people are sick and tired of attempting to navigate on their own.


Service Before Self

Walter loves Texas, and he loves serving the greater Houston area, as well as serving clients across America. Walter began his career in financial services in 2005. Walter believes in using his vast previous life experiences for forward guidance, so that he can best serve the American people who want more, because they deserve better. Due to his early life experiences, and tough times, Walter is an income specialist. But when he learned that his grandmother's name (Irma), was being dragged through the mud as an acronym for our government to be able to "legally" STEAL from the American people, then redistribute the STOLEN money, Walter added a second specialty - with ferocity! IRMAA- the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount.


"It's a blessing to be able to help the American people bridge the gap between how wealth will truly work, than simply chasing rates of returns, and identifying the inefficiencies of what we do with our money every single day. For example, on average, last year our firm found between $50,000-$80,000 per year, per household, in wealth, that was unknowingly, and unnecessarily slipping through the people's hands, simply because they didn't know that taxes, fees, and interest were working against them... If I sat down with you, and in just the first fifteen minutes, found just $30,000 that you were losing each year, would you want that money back?" Walter


Licensed in the following states: TX, TN, PA, WV, OK, OH, NC, MO, AR, AL, MS